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G20 Sidelines: Saudi Arabia Displays Vision 2030, Hosts ‘Media Oasis’ in Delhi

A Showcase of Saudi Arabia's Leading Projects in Tourism, Entertainment, Technology, Culture, and Sports

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New Delhi: In tandem with the G20 Leader’s Summit, the Ministry of Media of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is hosting a remarkable three-day event in New Delhi. Dubbed “Media Oasis,” this immersive exhibit, running from September 9th to 11th, offers visitors an interactive journey through Saudi Arabia’s pioneering ventures in tourism, entertainment, technology, culture, and sports. The overarching theme of the exhibit revolves around Vision 2030, a visionary initiative by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aimed at transforming the nation economically, socially, and culturally.

Showcasing Saudi Initiatives

Organized by the Saudi Ministry of Media, Media Oasis serves as a platform to highlight the forward-thinking initiatives undertaken by various entities, including the Saudi Ministry of Culture, Invest Saudi, Saudi Ministry of Sports, Saudi Ministry of Energy, Red Sea Global, SDAIA, FII Institute, Royal Institute of Traditional Arts Konoz, and CGC.

Dignitaries in Attendance

Media Oasis is expected to draw a distinguished audience, including ministers and senior officials from Saudi Arabia. The exhibition unfolds against the backdrop of the luxurious Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi.

Parallel to Crown Prince’s Visit

Significantly, this event runs parallel to the visit of HRH Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to New Delhi for the G20 Leaders’ Summit. It underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to showcasing its ambitious Vision 2030 on a global stage and fostering international collaborations.

Continuing Success

Notably, this isn’t the first edition of Media Oasis. The inaugural edition took place in conjunction with the 32nd Arab Summit held in Jeddah in June 2023. Its return underscores the importance of Saudi Arabia’s commitment to its transformative Vision 2030 and its desire to forge partnerships and collaborations on a global scale. As the exhibit unfolds in the heart of India’s capital, it presents an opportunity for attendees to explore Saudi Arabia’s multifaceted journey towards a brighter and more diverse future.

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