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Greenwood High Student Achieves Outstanding Recognition in Global Essay Contest

The Competition was organized by the John Locke Institute, UK

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Bangalore: In keeping with the rich intellectual traditions of Greenwood High International School, Grade 11 student Arjun Rathore was selected as a finalist in the John Locke Institute 2023 Global Essay competition held recently. The competition invites students to explore a wide range of challenging and interesting questions beyond the confines of the school curriculum, across various subjects. Arjun’s essay in history category titled, “How much richer or poorer are the British today than they would have been without the effects of British colonialism?”, was shortlisted among thousands of submissions from several countries by the eminent John Locke Institute, UK.

Celebrating Achievement at Oxford

All the finalists were invited to Oxford to celebrate this achievement and participate with different contestants from around the world. The entries were judged over two rounds by a panel of senior academics drawn from leading universities including Oxford and Princeton. Essays are judged on understanding of the relevant material, the use of evidence, quality of argumentation, originality, structure, writing style etc.

The John Locke Institute’s Mission

The John Locke Institute is an independent educational organisation that works to embolden the best and brightest students to become more academically ambitious and more intellectually adventurous. The Institute encourages young people to cultivate the characteristics that turn good students into great writers: independent thought, depth of knowledge, clear reasoning, critical analysis and persuasive style. An overall ‘best essay’ across the seven subjects – Philosophy, Politics, Economics, History, Psychology, Theology and Law is selected for the finalist position.

The Impact of Colonialism on Britain

Drawing from his experience of staying in the UK during his growing-up years, Arjun observed that colonialism’s favourable impact on Britain went beyond the riches they looted from the colonies. The real gain was the culture and the influence that Britain enjoys to date as there has been a favourable exchange of people and ideas with the colonies.

Arjun Rathore’s Perspective

Speaking about his participation, Arjun Rathore, Greenwood High International School said: “The British are powerful not just because of their riches, but by the cultural strengths, primarily the English language. London is a bubbling cauldron of culture where more than 150 nationalities inter-mingle. This has happened largely due to the influence of the UK over its colonies that persists long after the colonies have gained independence. I was curious about what Britain was after the colonial experience and hence penned an essay on their condition. It’s something I love and I wanted to explore my skills while also using it as a tool for expressing my opinions on matter I consider important. I thank John Locke Institute for giving me an opportunity to participate and become a finalist in such a prestigious competition that witnesses global participations.”

Niru Agarwal on Arjun’s Achievement

Speaking about Arjun’s achievement, Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School said: “It is important to keep growing as an intellectual and read widely to know more about the world. It is fascinating to know how the globe has changed over time and what the impact of the colonial powers has been. Once you get a good understanding of this, a country will be able to position itself appropriately in the world order. Arjun has set upon the right path and I would like to see more students participating in such prestigious international competitions.”

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