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Samsung S24 : Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra AI features, estimated price in India

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Samsung S24 : In a strategic move to regain its standing as the world’s leading smartphone maker, Samsung (Samsung S24) is placing a substantial bet on artificial intelligence (AI) with the launch of its latest flagship devices, the Galaxy S24 product family.

As per Bloomberg, Mobile Chief TM Roh expressed confidence in AI’s potential to fuel global smartphone market growth, with Samsung aiming to outperform competitors. The Galaxy S24 models boast AI enhancements from both Samsung and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, including a live translation feature for calls and a novel search tool enabling users to circle an image on the phone to obtain related information.

In a surprising move, Samsung offered a glimpse of its upcoming health-tracking device, the Galaxy Ring, signaling its intent to challenge Apple’s dominance in the health-tech sector. The Galaxy Ring is slated for release later this year, with Samsung aiming to seamlessly integrate it with its smartphones to create a robust ecosystem for consumers.

Samsung’s emphasis on being an early adopter of AI in the user experience sets it apart from rivals like Apple and Xiaomi. The company anticipates double-digit sales growth with its new flagship lineup and eyes a significant share—potentially half—of the market for AI-enhanced phones, according to estimates from KB Securities.

Collaboration is key for Samsung, and it has leveraged Google’s Gemini AI suite for initial features, while also working closely with Microsoft and incorporating Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips with dedicated processors for on-device AI tasks. The collaboration extends to reducing duplication with Google, aiming to streamline competition with Apple’s AirDrop through a unified Android Quick Share feature.

Mobile Chief TM Roh underscored the importance of the user experience in an interview with Bloomberg News. “We are always open to collaboration with our partners on new areas of the mobile industry,” he stated. The focus on attracting younger users is evident in enhanced camera features, including advanced zoom and editing capabilities enabled by AI, such as converting regular videos into slow motion by inserting frames.

As Samsung seeks to position itself at the forefront of AI technology in smartphones, the Galaxy S24 lineup is expected to achieve the best sales for the range in eight years.

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