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CG Chunav : A close watch is being kept on the items distributed to woo voters.

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Chhattisgarh News : After the implementation of the Assembly Election (CG Chunav) Code of Conduct, vigilance and action has been increased in the State GST Department. The department is keeping a close watch on the transportation of goods distributed to woo voters during elections.

The department has deployed 24 teams of officers to check vehicles 24 hours a day on the routes bordering other states and is jointly checking vehicles with officials from neighboring states. The State Tax Commissioner has also instructed his officers to coordinate with the officers of neighboring states and conduct joint investigation.

Even within the state, e-way bills are being continuously (CG Chunav) checked by 15 teams. A total of goods worth Rs 10.10 crore were seized by the State Tax Department from 01 July 2023 to 31 October 2023. Has gone. The department is also keeping an eye on the goods sent by railways and buses.

During this period, a penalty of Rs 40.81 lakh has been imposed even if defects were found on goods transported by railways. To ensure detection of goods distributed free during elections, the Commissioner has directed all the officers to inspect the warehouses falling in their area.

Till now, after checking 377 warehouses and finding difference in the stock, Rs 21.05 lakh has been deposited to the traders. The officers (CG Chunav) of the department are cooperating with the police administration in ensuring fair elections and officers and employees have been appointed in all the districts in SST and FST engaged in election work and they are cooperating with the administration in the investigation.

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