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Empowering Rural Minds: Electrosteel’s Triumph in Computer Literacy

Celebrating Success: Electrosteel's Computer Literacy Programme

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Srikalahasti: Electrosteel Castings Limited (ECL), a trailblazer in Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings production in India, orchestrated a momentous Computer Literacy Programme for 257 students at Zilla Parishad (ZP) High School in the serene Thondamanadu Village of Srikalahasthi Rural, Tirupati district. This pioneering initiative, held from June 2022 to April 2023, saw students from classes 6 to 9 engrossed in learning the digital realm. As a crowning achievement of this journey, ECL hosted a valedictory function that radiated pride and jubilation, applauding the students for their remarkable accomplishments. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Mr. Suresh, the esteemed Community Mobilization Officer from Tirupati.

Seeding Digital Proficiency: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Innovators

With an unflinching commitment to societal progress, ECL zealously undertook this venture as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. The Computer Literacy Programme bore witness to an innovative step forward for education in the village. Notably, the event marked the inauguration of a computer infrastructure at the school, ensuring that the students’ IT odyssey would endure well beyond the program’s conclusion.

Shining Stars: Recognizing Excellence in Digital Proficiency

Within the cohort of 257 aspiring minds, 14 exceptional students emerged as beacons of excellence, demonstrating unparalleled dedication to mastering computer skills. The valedictory ceremony immortalized their achievements, showering them with well-deserved accolades and prizes. ECL’s gesture stood as a testament to their belief in nurturing academic brilliance and personal development. Furthermore, ECL’s commitment to continuity was evident as they equipped each student with Course Material, an investment in their educational journey.

Planting Seeds of Knowledge: A Year-Round Commitment to Empowerment

This groundbreaking program represents a year-round commitment to elevating education. The coming year will witness the commencement of the Computer Literacy Programme at ZP High School in Rachagunneri Village, encompassing approximately 110 students from the 6th to 9th standards. These efforts are poised to equip young minds with indispensable digital prowess, preparing them for the multifaceted challenges of the modern era.

Resonating Voices: A Testament of Triumph

Reflecting on the valedictory function, Mr. Suresh, the Community Mobilization Officer, Tirupati district, conveyed his admiration, stating, “The completion of this program not only imparts vital digital skills but also lays the cornerstone for the students’ academic and professional futures.” Mr. Rajiv Prakash, Senior Vice President-Operations at Srikalahasthi Works, emphasized ECL’s unwavering dedication to empowering village communities through impactful CSR initiatives.

Dedicated to Progress: Cultivating a Digital Landscape

Behind the scenes, Mr. Dorairauj, Senior General Manager – IR at Srikalahasthi Works, lauded the efforts of the CSR team in selecting adept trainers, ensuring that the students traverse the digital terrain with competence. The Computer Literacy Programme aspires to arm young individuals with essential computer proficiencies, encompassing fundamental operations, mastery of MS Office tools such as MS Word and MS Excel, and adeptness in navigating the digital expanse, encompassing internet usage, email etiquette, and social media savvy.

Holistic Progress: The Journey of Societal Upliftment

Over the years, ECL’s vision of progress has taken numerous forms, with a focus on improving village communities through robust initiatives in Health, Education, Empowerment, Infrastructure Development, and Sports. The Computer Literacy Programme stands as a shining example, a testament to their commitment to fostering a brighter, digitally-empowered future for the youth of rural India.

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