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GenWorks Health and Rotary Club Collaborate for Rural Healthcare Transformation

GenWorks Health Introduces Braster Pro for Breast Screening & EVA for Cervical Screening in Rural Areas & Communities

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NGOs such as Rotary Club endeavour to focus on healthcare initiatives that make sure Cancer prevention for women becomes successful. With a campaign called “Fighting Against Cancer,” Rotary has been working hard to ensure that early detection and timely cure can protect women against Cancer. Spearheading a project titled Malar, GenWorks, a healthcare solutions provider partnered with Rotary Club to transform rural healthcare and support the cause of “Fighting Against Cancer.” GenWorks Health introduced Braster Pro – a portable breast screening and EVA – cervical screening device that are AI-enabled and cloud-connected to be operated by paramedical professionals in public health centres. This equipment proved to be of great help in early screening of cancer in rural areas as many women avoided going to hospitals to get themselves checked.

Project Malar’s Success in Rural Healthcare

Project Malar was launched by Rotary International President Jennifer E Jones during her visit to India. To make this project a success, GenWorks provided Braster Pro to be sent to the Government’s Primary Healthcare Centers. The weekly average screening done using the equipment is around 25 to 35 patients and healthcare workers were able to detect abnormalities that arise in the screening at a very early stage of Breast and Cervical Cancer. Over a period of 6 months of use, around 1500 members were detected and over 3% of patients were saved from abnormalities. These patients were further guided to the scan center with the support of Rotary Clubs in and around the screening area and there they were examined thoroughly using Mammography done with the support of Rotary Clubs.

Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness and Early Detection

As we celebrate Pink October – The Breast Cancer Awareness Month, GenWorks Health believes that the awareness of breast cancer in rural communities is one of the most important issues as early detection and timely treatment can improve outcomes for people who suffer from breast cancer. With the support of organizations such as Rotary Club, GenWorks Health works to solve problems such as the lack of healthcare facilities by ensuring that the best medical equipment reaches the last mile of the country. The transportation of devices such as Braster Pro to rural locations is dedicated to expanding access to telehealth services for helping rural residents consult with healthcare providers and specialists remotely.

GenWorks Health and Rotary’s Collaborative Efforts

GenWorks Health has been focused on transforming rural healthcare with the support of Rotary Club by offering educational programs in areas that raise awareness about breast cancer, the possible risk factors, and early detection. GenWorks Health has worked on engaging local community leaders, organizations, and volunteers to promote breast cancer awareness and provide support to individuals facing a breast cancer diagnosis. With the support of NGOs like Rotary Clubs, GenWorks Health continues to reduce stigma and promote open discussions about breast cancer by encouraging early screening and timely prevention in rural communities.

Transforming Rural Healthcare for Early Prevention

S Ganesh Prasad, Founder MD & CEO, GenWorks Health sincerely encourages the transformation of rural healthcare with the introduction of devices that support early screening and prevention. Sharing his thoughts on the work done by GenWorks in making this possible, he said, “I think that improving breast cancer in rural communities requires a multi-faceted approach that addresses healthcare infrastructure, education, and cultural factors. The collaboration of GenWorks with Rotary has ensured that rural women get timely detection and are also able to prevent diseases such as Breast Cancer at the right time.”

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