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Nova Formworks Expands Social Responsibility with Food Drive Initiative

In 2023 alone, the company has helped over 12,000 underprivileged people by this food drive initiative.

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New Delhi: Nova Formworks, a leading name in the construction industry, famous for its plastic formwork systems, is not only reshaping the construction landscape but also making a significant impact on society through its ongoing food drive initiative. Since the inception of food drive in 2021, Nova Formworks has dedicatedly worked towards addressing food insecurity, benefiting over 33,000 underprivileged people to date.

The inspiration behind this initiative traces back to the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic when Nova Formworks participated in the online Date with Destiny program by Tony Robbins. Witnessing the transformative impact of a food drive in the United States, the company was encouraged to contribute on a local scale, considering it a small yet impactful step towards societal well-being.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Mr. Vikas Mittal, Managing Director, Nova Formworks said – “Our commitment to social responsibility aligns with our vision for the future. We firmly believe in not only transforming the construction industry but also positively impacting the lives of the needy ones. As we witness the growing success of our food drive, we are motivated to enhance its impact further, transitioning from a weekly to a daily initiative.”

In 2021, Nova Formworks embarked on its mission to give back to society by initiating a weekly food drive. The efforts in the first year alone resulted in the distribution of food to 15,825 people. Building on this success, the company expanded its reach in 2022, providing sustenance to 17,690 individuals. The cumulative impact reached a commendable milestone of 33,515 people being positively affected by Nova Formworks’ commitment to social responsibility.

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In the current year, Nova Formworks has continued its dedication to this cause, with 12,655 people already benefiting from the weekly food distributions in 2023. This expansion exhibits Nova Formworks’ steadfast commitment to making a positive impact on the communities it serves.

Nova Formworks has now automated its food drive, collaborating with a dedicated team responsible for food preparation and distribution to designated areas. The team has been appointed to oversee the weekly initiative, ensuring its smooth execution. Furthermore, Nova Formworks’ associates and friends have joined hands in supporting this cause, contributing to special occasions and events.

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