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Telerad Foundation Enhances Pediatric Radiology Services at Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health (IGICH)

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Bengaluru: In a significant development aimed to revolutionize paediatric radiology, Telerad Foundation, the CSR arm of the Telerad Group, has announced its collaboration with the Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health (IGICH), a premier Government of Karnataka organization promoting child health since 1991. This support stands as a testament to Telerad Foundation’s unwavering commitment to elevating healthcare standards for young patients while reinforcing IGICH’s dedication to pediatric care.

Introduction to the Initiative

As part of this initiation, Telerad Foundation will deliver RADSpa, a cutting-edge AI-enabled radiology workflow platform, and offer crucial technical support and software maintenance for a duration of five years. This initiative is the brainchild of Dr. Sunita Maheshwari, an eminent pediatric cardiologist and accomplished medical and health-tech entrepreneur, who shares a profound connection with IGICH’s mission pivotal period of her career. Dr. Maheshwari’s dedication to enhancing healthcare services for children at IGICH has resulted in the generous donation of RADSpa, a Made in India, AI-enabled RIS-PACS software.

Telerad Foundation Enhances Pediatric Radiology Services at Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health (IGICH)

Generous Donation of RADSpa and Its Background

With this support, Telerad Foundation is deeply committed to enhancing IGICH’s radiology capabilities by introducing RADSpa, a comprehensive Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) solution. This collaborative effort extends beyond mere technology transfer; it involves the provision of essential hardware and applications, including high-end servers, monitors, workstations, laptops, as well as related furniture and signages, to equip IGICH’s Paediatric Radiology department.

Equipping IGICH’s Radiology Department

The deployment of RADSpa at IGICH promises to empower the paediatric radiology department in several impactful ways. It will enable immediate access to patients’ comprehensive imaging records, facilitating quicker and more informed diagnoses. Moreover, RADSpa will foster seamless collaboration among radiologists within the department, creating a more collaborative and efficient approach to patient care. With the implementation of RADSpa, substantial productivity enhancements are expected, potentially increasing efficiency by 30-50% and resulting in swifter turnaround times for patient care. Additionally, the technology provides a secure platform for various essential functions, including acquisition, uploads, viewing, diagnosis, annotations, reporting, and archiving of medical images, ensuring the utmost confidentiality and integrity of patient data.

Telerad Foundation Enhances Pediatric Radiology Services at Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health (IGICH)

Impactful Benefits of RADSpa

Through this comprehensive approach, we the Telerad Foundation aim to propel IGICH’s paediatric radiology capabilities to new heights, ultimately contributing to the improved healthcare and well-being of India’s youngest patients.

Telerad Foundation’s Commitment

Dr Sunita Maheshwari, Co-founder and Chief Dreamer, Telerad Group emphasized “Telerad Foundation’s contribution to with IGICH is more than just support; it is about shaping a sustainable future for pediatric radiology. By not only providing the PACS and RIS solution but also offering training and technical support to IGICH staff, we are laying a strong foundation for the entire institution.”

Vision and Support from Telerad Group

“This partnership holds the potential to impact countless young lives as RADSpa integrates seamlessly into IGICH’s healthcare infrastructure.” Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur, Founder CEO and Chief Radiologist of Telerad Group, stated, “We, at Telerad Foundation, are honored to support IGICH. By integrating RADSpa’s AI Radiology Workflow Platform, our goal is to enhance efficiency thereby reducing waiting time, reduce costs, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. This partnership epitomizes our core principle: delivering top-tier healthcare that’s accessible to all.”

RADSpa’s Features and Promise

RADSpa, designed to cater to a wide spectrum of healthcare settings, is scalable, efficient, customizable, and dynamic. Developed by a team of technologists and radiologists deeply embedded in the radiology ecosystem, RADSpa promises to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

IGICH’s Mission in Pediatric Healthcare

Dr. Sanjay K. S, Professor And Director of IGICH said, “For over 25 years, IGICH has been a sanctuary for underprivileged children across the nation, providing state-of-the-art medical services and continuously expanding to meet diverse healthcare needs. As we embrace advanced technologies like Telerad Group’s AI-driven RADSpa, our mission remains steadfast: to deliver world-class healthcare. At IGICH, we believe that every child deserves the very best.”.

A Bold Partnership for Better Pediatric Radiology

This strategic partnership signifies a bold step towards enhancing the quality and accessibility of pediatric radiology services, ultimately benefiting the children and families served by IGICH.

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