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Probus Insurance Honors Mumbai Police with Raincoat Suits for Road Safety

Recognizing Their Dedication Amid Heavy Rains and Ensuring Road Safety

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Probus Insurance, India’s Leading InsurTech platform, recently carried out a heartwarming initiative to distribute high-quality raincoat suits to 1,500 dedicated Mumbai Police personnel. The distribution event, led by Senior Officer Shri Ganesh Pawar and other senior Police personnel, took place in Andheri. The raincoat suits were provided as a gesture of gratitude and recognition for the vital role played by the Mumbai Police in maintaining road safety during heavy rains. These protective gears not only support the officers’ health and well-being but also carry road safety messages to create awareness among the public.

Expressing Gratitude and Ensuring Safety

The initiative sought to express deep appreciation and recognition for the unwavering dedication of Mumbai Police personnel who tirelessly carry out their duties, regardless of the challenging weather conditions. With heavy rainfall posing road safety risks, the raincoat suits are a practical and essential addition to their uniforms. The comfortable and high-quality long coats and trousers will safeguard their health during long working hours, ensuring they can continue their vital work without compromising their well-being.

Probus Insurance Honors Mumbai Police with Raincoat Suits for Road Safety

A Message of Road Safety

The raincoat suits served as more than just protective gear; they also acted as messengers of road safety awareness. Strategically printed with road safety messages, these raincoats carry a powerful reminder of the importance of safe driving practices. This dual-purpose initiative not only supports the safety and health of the police personnel but also aims to spread awareness and promote responsible behavior on the roads.

Gratitude from the Mumbai Police

Shri Ganesh Pawar, Senior Inspector of Versova Police Station, expressed sincere gratitude to Probus Insurance Brokers for their thoughtful gesture. He acknowledged the importance of such initiatives, especially during heavy rains, and how they ease the challenging tasks of the Mumbai Police. The raincoat suits are a symbol of support and appreciation, motivating the officers to continue their selfless efforts in ensuring the safety of the city’s residents.

Probus Insurance’s Commitment

Ms. Sarita Joshi, VP – Product Head (Life & Health Insurance) of Probus Insurance, emphasized the company’s commitment to value-based and innovative insurance solutions. The initiative aligns with the company’s tagline “Aapka Saathi, Aapka Saarthi,” highlighting the significance of partnerships and support. Probus Insurance acknowledges the Mumbai Police as true Saathi & Saarthi for all Mumbaikars during the rainy season. The small but meaningful gesture exemplifies the company’s deep respect for the city’s protectors and their commendable work in maintaining road safety.

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