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APL Apollo Foundation’s Project Aarohi: Empowering Women Through Vocational Training

Phase I focuses on beautician training for women in East Delhi slum areas

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The APL Apollo Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of APL Apollo Group, has launched Project Aarohi under its flagship women empowerment program, Tejaswini. In Phase I of the project, Aarohi aims to provide vocational training to over 50 girls and women from underserved communities in East Delhi slum areas. The training will focus on the beautician trade and beauty parlour management, enabling the participants to become self-reliant and pursue wage employment or self-employment opportunities.

Vocational Training for Empowerment

Recognizing the significant growth of the Indian beauty and wellness sector, which is expected to reach INR 5 lakh crore by 2032, Project Aarohi has developed a tailored curriculum based on industry growth projections, community needs assessment, and the specific requirements of women seeking both wage employment and self-employment. The goal is to equip the participants with the necessary skills to thrive in the market and contribute to the sector’s growth.

Mrs. Neera Gupta’s Perspective

According to Mrs. Neera Gupta, Director of the APL Apollo Foundation, social and cultural barriers, lack of skills, know-how, financial resources, and networking opportunities often hinder women from entering the workforce or starting their own ventures. By providing customized beautician skill training through Project Aarohi, the foundation aims to empower these women to become self-reliant. They believe that the trained beneficiaries will not only improve their own lives but also make positive contributions to their families, communities, and society as a whole.

Mr. Sanjay Gupta’s Vision

Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman of the APL Apollo Group, emphasizes the group’s commitment to inclusive growth and women empowerment. By providing skill training, the project not only enables women to earn a livelihood but also fosters a sense of identity, financial inclusion, and social empowerment within their communities. Mr. Gupta believes that Project Aarohi will lead to on-ground transformations and bring about positive changes for the entire community.

Important Points

Key Points
– Project Aarohi launched by APL Apollo Foundation
– Part of the Tejaswini program for women empowerment
– Phase I focuses on training 50+ women in beautician trade
– Targeting underserved communities in East Delhi slum areas
– Aims to provide self-reliance through wage or self-employment
– Curriculum based on industry growth, community needs, and women’s requirements
– Bridal Make-up, Nail Art, Mehndi Application, Hairstyling training included
– Employability coaching and mock interviews for wage employment
– Soft skills, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy training
– Regular experience sharing and guidance through alumni network groups

Providing Advanced Training and Support

In addition to the comprehensive 4.5-month basic course, the beneficiaries of Project Aarohi will receive advanced training in Bridal Make-up, Nail Art, Mehndi Application, Hairstyling, and other skills by industry experts. The program also includes coaching for employability, including mock interview sessions for those interested in wage employment. Soft skills, client handling, personal hygiene, entrepreneurship, inventory management, customer engagement, social media management, digital and financial literacy, and internships/on-the-job training are also part of the training program. Regular experience sharing, guidance on upskilling, and information exchange will be facilitated through alumni network groups, both online and through physical meetings.

By empowering women with vocational skills and providing them with the necessary support and guidance, Project Aarohi aims to uplift women in underserved communities, enhance their economic independence, and enable them to contribute to the growth of the beauty and wellness sector. Through their efforts, the APL Apollo Foundation hopes to create a positive ripple effect that will benefit families, communities, and society as a whole.

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