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She the Change: Empowering Voices, Enriching Workplaces

Arthan's Inaugural Women at Work Conference Promotes Gender Equity in the Development Sector

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Arthan organized its first Women at Work conference, ‘She The Change: Empowering Voices, Enriching Workplaces,’ at the India International Centre, New Delhi. The conference aimed to bring together organizational leaders, human resource experts, gender experts, and thought leaders from civil society organizations and enterprises. With the G20’s current focus on women-led development and inclusion of all development actors, the conference strove to facilitate the sharing and acknowledgment of good practices, support networking amongst different entities, and help foster deliberation and knowledge exchange. This was done to nurture dialogue and form communities of practice centered around diversity, inclusion, and gender equity in the development sector.

Key Highlights:

Key Points
– Inaugural Women at Work conference organized by Arthan
– Aims to promote gender equity in the development sector
– Brings together leaders, experts, and thought leaders
– Fosters sharing of good practices and networking
– Highlights importance of diversity, inclusion, and gender equity

Keynote Addresses and Landscape Study

The conference included addresses by two keynote speakers, Ms. Renana Jhabvala from SEWA Bharat and Ms. Shrayana Bhattacharya from the World Bank – Social Protection and Labour Unit, South Asia. The conference also shared key highlights from a landscape study that surveyed gender equity practices within nonprofits and their impact on women’s workforce participation and leadership. The study revealed successful integration of gender equality practices in organizations and the widespread adoption of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles.

Panel Discussions and Showcasing Good Practices

Two panel discussions were held during the conference. The first panel, titled ‘Experience to Experiments: Intergenerational and Intersectional Perspectives on Building Gender Equity at the Workplace,’ explored various aspects of gender equity, diversity, and workplace structure. The second panel discussed how to incentivize gender-intentional organizational behavior and reward gender equitable outcomes. The conference also featured the She the Change: Showcase, where four organizations presented their best practices in gender integration and their impact on workplace equality.

Networking Session and Skill Building

The event concluded with a networking session, ‘Behind the Networking Scenes: Real Experiences, Real Impact.’ Led by Centum Foundation and moderated by Arthan, the session equipped participants with networking skills and strategies. The importance of networking for career advancement was emphasized, along with practical tips for effective networking in the development sector.

Key Takeaways and Call to Action

The Women at Work conference successfully shed light on the challenges faced by women and minorities in the workplace, emphasizing the need for inclusive policies and decision-making. It laid the foundation for trust and collaboration among different actors and stakeholders. The conference highlighted the importance of research, intersectionality, and accessibility in creating diverse and supportive work environments. It urged organizations to reflect internally and collaborate to implement holistic solutions that embrace diversity and inclusion.


Arthan’s Women at Work conference marked an important step toward a gender-equitable development sector. By promoting women’s active participation, uncovering biases, and prioritizing accessibility, the conference aimed to make the sector more inclusive and supportive. Arthan aspires to build a platform that facilitates career growth, learning, mentorship, and networking opportunities for women job seekers while assisting social purpose organizations in accelerating their gender integration and GEDI policies and practices.

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