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Five heart-warming Raksha Bandhan gifts that are also good for the planet

Thoughtful and sustainable gifts can not only bring joy but also leave a lasting impact on the earth

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This Raksha Bandhan (30th August), as we express our appreciation for our siblings, why not also include in our gratitude, for the ever-generous planet that keeps on giving its riches to us tirelessly? Here are five eco-friendly gifts that will make the earth and your loved ones smile together.

Tree saplings

Gifting a tree sapling is a unique and thoughtful way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan as it is a  living and breathing reminder of your love for your sibling and the earth. makes it easy for us to make gifting meaningful in more ways than one. Just head to their website, fill out your details and dedicate one tree or many to anyone on just about any occasion.  This is a gift that will outlast any other and at the same time reward Mother Earth. You can also personalise this gesture by adding a picture from your album, along with a customised message to your sibling on the eTreeCertificate®. 

Plantable Seed Rakhis

This year, instead of sponge, plastic, foil and synthetic rakhis, how about choosing rakhis made of seed paper? These need not be thrown away post the celebrations and can be planted in the earth.  Once watered and nurtured, they will germinate into beautiful blossoms. Plantable seed rakhis are creative, eco-friendly and biodegradable and will grow on to symbolize the everlasting bond between siblings. Plantable seed rakhis not only celebrate the spirit of Raksha Bandhan but also contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing waste and promoting greenery.

Bamboo self-care hampers

How about treating a sibling with a hamper of carefully selected wellness and self-care essentials like toothbrushes, combs, earbuds, facial sheet masks and more. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows rapidly and has a minimal environmental impact and you could also gift bamboo and steel water bottles, bamboo mobile holders,  tote bags, bamboo stationery, plantable pencils and pens, loofahs and soaps and even indoor bamboo plants that not only look beautiful but also supposedly bring good luck!

Reusable items for daily use

Replace single-use, disposable plastics,  reduce waste and minimize environmental damage by gifting reusable coffee cups, food containers and cutlery that have superior quality and functionality.    Stainless steel containers offer durability and airtight sealing, ensuring your meals stay fresh while minimizing the need for single-use plastic wrap. Cloth napkins not only elegantly elevate your dining experience but also reduce paper waste.

Solar-powered phone chargers/power banks

Solar-powered phone chargers or solar power banks are innovative devices that harness sunlight to generate electricity, which can then be used to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices. These gifts can prove to be invaluable as they ensure that the devices stay charged even in the most remote or off-grid locations while hiking, camping, or in the great outdoors. These eco-friendly gadgets offer connectivity that is sustainable and reliable even in the absence of traditional charging sources and they never leave you powerless.

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